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Walk & Talk - The West Wing Reunion

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In the Shadow of Two Gunmen - Part I

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Isaac and Ishmael

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Game On

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7A WF 83429

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NSF Thurmont

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The Ticket

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The West Wing: Season 3

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The West Wing: Season 5

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Aaron Sorkin created the drama The West Wing in 1999 that soon after broadcasted on NBS. The West Wing ran for seven years before it was cancelled. It revolves around life in the Whitehouse during a fictional president.

The plot of the show follows the president and key staff personnel through legislative and political issues. As is consistent with a presidential day, the shows follow several issues at once but always with a main issue that could be anything from jobs, congressional negotiating, war, etc. Many scenes feature walk and talk segments throughout the white house set that soon became the trademark of the show. The first season starts in the second year of Bartlet’s presidency and focuses on the progression of laws through congress. The second season focuses on many more issues including a new congress but is characterized by the scandal that happens in the white house. The third season takes a look at campaign elections and focuses on terrorism. The final two seasons shifted in story lines, focusing more on campaigning than on political issues at hand.

The West Wing was met with many great reviews and endorsements by political officials alike. However, as is expected with any television show, it is not completely accurate. Many former white house officials agree that it captures the feel of the show but not necessarily the exact methods of carrying out legislation and meetings. While many have praised the West Wing, several critics have noted that they believe it is terribly optimistic and sentimental which would be far from reality. However, most agree that it is as accurate as a show can be without sacrificing entertainment value and from producers who have never worked in the White House.

The West Wing was nominated and received many awards during its run. Alan Alda, Stockard Channing, and Allison Janney all received Emmy’s for an outstanding supporting actress. Richard Schiff, Martin Sheen, and John Spencer all received awards also from the Emmy's and Golden Globes. The show was a great stepping stone in the actors careers as many of them had never been nominated for an award before but even those who had had never won.

The West Wing was a great success while on the air and still today is a wonderful watch for anyone no matter if you are just looking for some entertainment or want a better look into the world of the White House. You will be entertained and informed along the way as you enjoy this wonderfully made series.