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The Rifleman Boxed DVD Sets

Home Ranch

Boxed DVD Set:

The Patsy

Boxed DVD Set:

The Queue

Boxed DVD Set:

Waste: Part 1

Boxed DVD Set:

The Rifleman Official Season 2 (Episodes 41 - 76)

Boxed DVD Set:$47.59

The Rifleman Official Season 3 (Episodes 77 - 110)

Boxed DVD Set:$52.50

The Vaqueros

Boxed DVD Set:

Rifleman, the - Season 02 Volume 01

Boxed DVD Set:$17.76

The Rifleman Official Season 1 (Episodes 1 - 40)

Boxed DVD Set:

Rifleman, the - Season 02 Volume 02

Boxed DVD Set:$15.00

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Rifleman a Classic Western

"The Rifleman" is a classic Western series that has been enjoying a revival of sorts thanks to reruns. This critically acclaimed black and white show is certainly an oldie, having originally run from 1958 to 1963. The show aired on ABC and was produced by Four Star Television, a big player in the early television market that gave viewers other iconic westerns like "Stagecoach West" and "Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre." "The Rifleman" revolves around the frontier life of a newly relocated father named Lucas McCain and all of the trials and adventures faced by him and his son Mark.

Fifties Western

The fifties were a great time for westerns partially because the subject matter was so quintessentially American, which everyone loved. Also, some TV watchers of the 50s surely had a closer tie to the whole Wild West mythos than today's viewers do because for many members of the Greatest Generation, their own living forebears may very well have experienced the same things as the show's titular rifleman.

This rifleman is called Lucas McCain, and his prowess with said rifle serves as the solution to many of the problems a homesteader finds in the lawless frontier lands. Despite this fact Lucas is not your typical Injun-hunting, bandit-blasting Western rough rider. He's a family man, dedicated to raising his boy right, and "The Rifleman" is a family show. Its themes are mainly concerned with concepts of fairness, justice, forgiveness. As a brave man Lucas doesn't hesitate to use violence to win but he rarely goes running to a fight, he always helps a man in need and he never, ever cheats.

Chuck Connors the Rifleman

Played by professional athlete and actor Chuck Connors, Lucas begins the series by settling on a newly purchased ranch deep in the New Mexico Territory. At his side is his son Mark, played by singer/actor Johnny Crawford. Together they take up residence in the town of North Fork, where the McCains and the trusty rifle would encounter bandits, con men, lawmen, Indians and many other people looking to make their fortunes on the western frontier.

But what is a rifleman without said rifle? Lucas McCain's fancy firearm is an important part of this series and many a boy coveted that modified 1892 Winchester SRC during the show's heyday. The rifle's modified lever allows the gunslinger to cock the gun with showmanship by spinning it in a circle. It also included a screw pin that tripped the trigger when the lever was closed, allowing Lucas's famous rapid fire mode.

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