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Viewers got to see a light hearted look of a small southern town and their residents on the classic television program, The  Andy Griffith Show.   Andy Taylor, portrayed by Andy Griffith, is a sheriff in the fictional town of Mayberry. North Carolina.   Sheriff  Andy shares his law enforcement duties with his Deputy Barney Fife.   We see throughout the series that in a small town some residents have to take on multiple roles.  Not only I  Andy the sheriff in the town, but he also is the town’s justice of the peace.     In one episode is he is awoken in the middle of the night at his home to perform a wedding ceremony for a young couple that attempt to wed despite their disapproving families.

We  not only  get  to know about the professional life of Any Taylor, but also the personal life.  Viewers see the home life of  sheriff Taylor as he juggles being a single father of his young son Opie Taylor, who is portrayed by Ron Howard.    In the first season  Opie  says “He has no maw.”     We never learn what really happened to Opie’s mother.  Although Andy is a doting father that spends quality time with Andy, he requests the help of his help of Aunt Bee to help him take care of his home and Opie.   In the pilot episode Opie’s housekeeper is getting married and Opie not happy about losing his longtime caregiver.  In the same episode Aunt Bee comes to town to fill the void created when the housekeeper marries and leaves her position.  At first Opie is sad to have Aunt Bee there, but he realizes that she has a place in their home.       

In the first episode we also get to meet the new deputy Barney Fife, played by Don Knotts.   Barney Fife   takes his job as deputy very seriously.   During the  pilot Andy refers to Barney as his cousin, but in subsequent episodes Andy refers to him as a very good friend.      Barney takes his occupation as deputy very seriously,  but maintains his ethics.   Barney tries to solve his cases with a great concentration and intensity, but his antics provide for a lot of comedic relief.       

The Andy Griffith Show lasted for 8 seasons.   The show was popular among viewers and then helped to spawn new television shows as spinoffs.     We first met the Andy Taylor character in an episode of The Danny Thomas Show.   This led to the creation of The Andy Griffith Show.    Gomer Pile, has the spinoff Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C  In this series that lasted for 5 seasons , Gomer enlists in the United States Marine Corps.     Another Mayberry resident, farmer Sam Jones, goes on to be to be the new focus of Mayberry  in the renamed sitcom ,Mayberry R.F.D.,after Andry Griffin and moves out of Mayberry .

Several years after the Andy Griffin show went off the air there was a reunion show in 1986 in the television special called Return to Mayberry.    We got to see grown called up and married Opie Taylor.   Fans can watch reruns of the program on television and  online streaming sources. 

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The New Housekeeper

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Opie And The Bully

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Mr. Mcbeeve

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Opie The Birdman

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Opie Loves Helen

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Andy's Rival

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Opie's Girlfriend

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Opie's First Love

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The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Series

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Andy Griffith Show: Season 1

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