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Boxed DVD Set:$2.99

The Note

Boxed DVD Set:$2.99

The Trip: Part I

Boxed DVD Set:$2.99

The Mango

Boxed DVD Set:$2.99

Seinfeld: The Complete Series

Boxed DVD Set:$65.63

Seinfeld: Season 1 & 2

Boxed DVD Set:$9.49

Seinfeld: Season 9

Boxed DVD Set:$9.96

Seinfeld: Season 4

Boxed DVD Set:$9.99

Seinfeld: Season 8

Boxed DVD Set:$12.86

Seinfeld: Season 7

Boxed DVD Set:$9.96

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Seinfeld may have been the show about nothing and it did not cover issues that were deep, but it dealt with topics that were part of our everyday lives.  It caused many people to look at their behavior and how it may annoy those people around them.

When Elaine talked about the guy that sat next to her in a college class that would always take a big gulp and then release an “aahhh…” afterwards, I knew that someone understood my plight.  I was married to the guy in her class, and for years I tried to let him know that he was beyond annoying when he made that noise after each drink.  Now with Seinfeld on my side it finally broke through and that annoying habit ended.  I am sure I am not the only person that can thank the Seinfeld television series.  The show about nothing had caused a change in many lives.