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“Picket Fences” was an American television show that started airing on September 18, 1992 on CBS. The quirky show, created by David E. Kelley, focused on the residents of Rome, Wisconsin. Odd and unexplainable things happened throughout the series, including cows giving birth to human babies and sudden human combustion. Even simple crimes took bizarre twists as burglars left rubber ducks and dirty bathwater at the crime scene.

Although many critics wrote positively about the show, it struggled to gain a solid following among the American public. CBS canceled the show after four seasons.

The show centered around the town's sheriff, Jimmy Brock. Sheriff Brock and his wife, Jill, raised three children among all the strange events of Rome. As Sheriff Brock struggled to maintain order in the town, he also had to deal with unprofessional deputies, an obnoxious lawyer and a difficult judge. The town also went through a shocking number of mayors, as each mayor met a strange death or lost their job through unusual circumstances. One mayor spontaneously combusted and died, and another was removed from office after taking part in an adult movie. Each citizen of Rome was as eccentric and strange as the town itself.

“Picket Fences” had a crossover episode with “Chicago Hope,” another David E. Kelley television series. Jill Brock and another character paid a visit to the hospital featured in “Chicago Hope.”

“Picket Fences” almost had an unusual crossover episode with “The X-Files.” The plan involved Mulder and Scully, the main characters from “The X-Files,” paying a visit to Rome. Both shows were to feature their own unique version of Mulder and Scully's adventure. This crossover never came to fruition, but each show does have an episode with a similar storyline featuring cattle. Careful viewers can even find references to the “X-Files” in the “Picket Fences” episode, “Away in the Manger.”

Sheriff Brock was played by Tom Skerritt, who is best known for roles in movies such as “MASH” and “Top Gun.” Skerritt resides in Seattle, Washington where he recently starred in the Pacific Northwest Ballet's production of “Don Quixote.”

Kathy Baker, who portrayed Brock's wife, earned three Emmy awards for her work on “Picket Fences.” She has appeared in several films, including “Edward Scissorhands” and “All the King's Men.”

Other notable cast members include Holly Marie Combs, Marlee Matlin and Don Cheadle.


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