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Ann's Decision

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

One Day At A Time: The Complete Series

Boxed DVD Set:$79.97

One Day at a Time: Season 1

Boxed DVD Set:$7.00

One Day At A Time: Season Two

Boxed DVD Set:$15.36

One Day At A Time

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Gaither Homecoming Classics One Day At A Time

Boxed DVD Set:$18.96

Doug Caporrino: One Day at a Time Self-Evaluation and Motivation Volume 1

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Reflections-One Day at a Time [VHS]

Boxed DVD Set:$4.76

One Day at a Time: Complete First Season [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

Boxed DVD Set:$20.10

Portrait of Cristy Lane - One Day At a Time

Boxed DVD Set:$3.11

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One Day at a Time was a sitcom that ran on the CBS during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Like many of the shows of it time it tackled a lot of social issues of that era. Ann Romano played by Bonnie Franklin was a divorced mom that was raising her two teenage daughters while working fulltime. Although there were some widowed mothers, divorced moms were a unique part of television when One Day at a Time Aired first aired in December 1975. Ann lived is an apartment with her daughters Julie Cooper (Mackenzie Phillips) and Barbara Cooper (Valerie Bertinelli). Another show regular was Pat Harrington who played Dwayne Schneider, the superintendent of the apartment building where Ann lived with her daughters. Over time Anne did remarry and her daughters grew up and married also.

Boxed DVD set of seasons of One Day at a Time is available for purchase.