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Judging By The Cover

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

They've Gotta Have It

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Living Single: The Complete Third Season

Boxed DVD Set:$29.12

Grumpy Old Man

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Living Single: The Complete Fourth Season

Boxed DVD Set:$15.94

The Engagement, Part 2

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Living Single: The Complete Fifth Season

Boxed DVD Set:$18.57

Up The Ladder Through The Roof

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Living Single: The Complete Second Season

Boxed DVD Set:$16.15

Living Single: Season 1

Boxed DVD Set:$9.79

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Living Single was a 1990s sitcom that focused on the lives of 6 young African-American individuals living in Brooklyn, New York.   The original characters consisted of three female roommates sharing a downstairs apartment. 

One of those women was a magazine editor that named Kadijah James, played by Queen Latifah.    Before “Living Single” began airing in 1993, Queen Latifah was better known a rapper.     She acted as a supporting role in some movies, but after “Living Single”  she got larger roles, and appeared in  major films.  Her movie credits have included: “Set it Off”,  “The Bone Collecor”, “Chicago”,  “The Secret Life of Bees ”, and more.

Also in the apartment was Kadijah’s cousin from out of town named Synclaire James who was portrayed by comedian Kim Coles.  Coles has made appearances on several different shows, and acted in few short television programs.  She has also made her way on a few different reality show, including “Celebrity Mole: Hawaii” and “Celebrity Fit Club”

The third roommate was Kadijah’s childhood friend Régine Hunter played by Kim Fields.  Fields wa already known to world as a child actress.  Her best know role is that of Tootie on “The Facts of Life.”

A frequent visitor, and regular character was lawyer Maxine Shaw , played by Erika Alexander.   Before “Living Single”  Alexander played cousin Pam on the “The Cosby Show

Above the women, lived two male roommates,   Kyle Barker and Overton Wakefield Jones.   Kyle was portrayed by Terrence C. Carson and Overton was played by John Henton.  

“Living Single” ran for 5 seasons on the Fox television network.  The show continues to air as reruns on several different stations.