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For seventeen seasons, Lassie was a top program on television. The program went through many changes during its run. The human characters would come and go, but Lassie and her exploits always remained at the core of the show.

Lassie began her run on television in 1954 following several successful movies beginning with the film Lassie Come Home. From 1954 to 1957, Lassie was portrayed as living on a farm with a boy named Jeff, Jeff's mother, Ellen and Ellen's father referred to as Gramps.

The program was overhauled beginning with the 1958 season. The Miller family moved to the farm, and an orphan named Timmy moved in with them. Timmy, played by actor Jon Provost, and Lassie became best friends and constant companions.

From 1958 to 1964, the program centered on the adventures of Timmy and Lassie. In most episodes, Timmy would find himself in some sort of trouble. It was up to Lassie to save the day by rescuing Timmy herself or going to get help from one of the adults on the show.

In 1964, the Lassie show was once again overhauled. This time, the program had an entirely new premise. Timmy and the Millers moved to Australia. Lassie remained behind and teamed up with a forest ranger named Corey Stuart played by actor Robert Bray. The ranger and Lassie shared many adventures throughout the National Forest system.

In 1971, Lassie was removed from the network television schedule and went into first run syndication. During its first season in syndication, Lassie wondered around the country on her own. Standout episodes focused on Lassie's interaction with the animals of the forest. During this time, Lassie had no permanent owner.

During the next season, Lassie settled in on a ranch in California with a family named the Holdens. The final episode of Lassie was broadcast in 1974.

Over the years, several attempts were made to bring Lassie and her adventures back to television. One of the more successful of these attempts was a program aired on Animal Planet in 1997 and 1998. In this version, Lassie was owned by a veterinarian and her son.

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A dog is said to be a man’s best friend. For Little Timmy , Lassie was his best friend, bodyguard, and superhero. Lassie seemed to be one of the most astute dogs that anyone could ever know.
Lassie saved Timmy from many tight spots. Although a little exaggerated at times, Lassie shows how wonderful it is to have a dog. Watch episodes of Lassie on DVD.