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"Growing Pains" was a popular American television situation comedy show that aired in the late 1980s. The series followed the same motif as previous family shows by having no real beginning to end theme but employed cute innocuous predicaments to project moralistic narratives. The show can be categorized in the same genre as the earlier American family series that spanned from the 1950s and 1960s "Father Knows Best", and "Leave It to Beaver", to the 70s "Brady Bunch", and "Partridge Family" to the 1980s TV sitcoms like "The Cosby Show", and "FamilyTies".

The show featured a typical American family, the Seavers, with typical but rather benign problems always solved within the 30 minute episode. The father Jason, played by Alan Thicke, was a stay at home father and professional psychiatrist who ran the household, parceled out the necessary discipline, and wise counsel to the children. He served as the fatherly role model essential to a functional and happy family. The mother, Maggie, played by Joanna Kerns, worked outside of the home as a journalist, but at home enough to provide the soft undertakings of maternal nurture as well as provide tough parental justice when necessary.

The show’s star was the eldest son, Mike, played by Kirk Cameron whose role was that of the typical teenage boy facing the tribulations of growing up with a rather removed indifference to his obligations, but possessing unusual empathy for others in difficult situations. His sister, Carol, played by Tracy Gold, portrayed an overachieving sibling who went about life seeking perfection, but with an almost removed emotional detachment of her surroundings and others around her. The third sibling was the little brother, Ben, (Jeremy Miller), who like most little brothers functioned as a nuisance to his brother and sister and was often in the way. He served as an amusing distraction in earlier shows, and then matured to become a more serious character.

As with most shows with a family setting, the kids grew up and out of their intended roles as growing kids with kid problems, and the show’s ratings started to fade. The producers adopted the usual remedy by bringing a new youngster to the show and Maggie (mom) delivered a brand new baby who played a diminished role until the show finally ran its course and ended. Growing Pains was a cute show and was highly rated for many years.


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