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Filthy Riches is an interesting reality show that airs on the National Geographic cable channel.    This is one reality show that informs and has a lot less drama than others.    In this series, we see groups of people around the United States that harvest natural resources and then sell them to make a living.   The name of the programming tells a lot of the program because these drops require getting dirty and sweating to make living.

Some of the endeavors produces more monetary returns than others, but all the individuals like to opportunity to be their own bossed and maintain a strong level of independence.  We have a group of guys in Maine that harvest blood works.  Another guy that harvest Ginseng roots in the Appalachian Mountains.   There is a couple that travel to different locations throughout the country harvesting edible mushrooms and selling them to local chefs.  Another group travels around the country to harvest burl from trees and then is used in high end wood products.  Another guy catches eels and sells them at is local shop in upstate New York.   All of it is quite interesting and exposing you to a world more than the typical 9 to 5.   But before you think that you can just go ahead and duplicate these activities, the program makes it know that these individuals must purchase special permits to be able to collect theses natural resources.  In fact those that want to begin following in the footsteps of some of the people featured on the program should expect to receive a fine if they do not have the proper license and permissions.   

The popularity of the first season has resulted in the show being renewed for another season began airing Spring 2015. 

Bloodworms, Eels & Gators

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High Stakes, High Reward

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Filthy Riches

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Filthy Riches Season 2

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