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First Grandson

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Duggars on a Double Date

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Big Family Meets Big Apple

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Josie Comes Home

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Do It Yourself Duggars

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

18 Kids and Counting: Season 2

Boxed DVD Set:$2.99

18 Kids & Counting Season 3

Boxed DVD Set:$59.95

17 Kids & Counting, Season 1

Boxed DVD Set:$7.89

Decisions & Deliveries

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Duggars Shoot for the Sky

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

Boxed DVD Sets

18 Kids and Counting became the new name for the TLC reality series that follows Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.  Originally named 17 Kids and Counting, the show had to change its name when the couple had the 18th child, Jordyn-Grace.  The show kept the name 18 Kids and Counting for a year and then was changed to 19 Kids and Counting after the birth of Josie in December 2009.