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Family Ties is one of those classic television programs that still entertains audiences decades later.      The Keaton family is the family in Family Ties.     Coming off the heels of the 1970s, the Keaton parents are ex hippies with very liberal views.        We know from conversations the family had and the opening credits that the mom and dad, Elyse and Steven Keaton, were ex hippies that spent their young married life going to protests and working with the Peace Corp in other nations.   The couple settled down and had three children: Alex, Mallory and Jennifer.     Mallory is a typical teenage girl and doesn’t have strong political views.  The younger daughter Jennifer has a lot of her parents’ core beliefs and values.    On other hand, the oldest child, holds political views that are the antithesis of his parents’.    In the first season Alex is a high school student, but maturity level exceeds his actual age by decades.    Alex’s strong political views that contrast with his parents and his maturity level provide for many comedic moments. 

Although the family does start out as a family of five, as the show progresses the Keaton family grows when a new baby, Andrew is born the 5th season of the series.    Family Ties lasted for 7 season; running from 1982 to 1989.  

Family Ties introduced Michael J. Fox, Alex P. Keaton, to the world and he was well loved by audience and critics.  It is no doubt that the writers and creators provided excellent material for the character Alex P. Keaton, but Fox took the character and really gave him life.   His success in the small screen led to Fox receiving roles on the big screen.   This includes the   Back to the Future series of movies that were met with huge box office success.     Fox also went on to have another successful television role as Michael Flaherty in Spin City.

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The Real Thing, Part 1

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Speed Trap

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Mrs. Wrong (1)

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It Happened One Night

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Pilot Presentation

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