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Bambi is one the most beloved animated movies of all time.  Since its release in theaters in 1942 Bambi has seen while spread popularity.  After its first theatrical release Bambi has made several different appearances in theaters.  The movie has also been released on home video many different times;

which includes the formats of VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray.   Bambi, the movie, was adapted from the book Bambi, A Life in the Woods.  The book was written by Austrain author James Salten and was released in print in 1923 as Bambi. Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde.  The book was adapted into an animated film and saw a few changes.  Bambi and his family were originally roe deer.  These deer are found mostly in Europe and some parts of Asia.  To make the film consistent with an America habitat Bambi and his family became white-tailed deer. 

Overtime the movie of Bambi has become associated with environmental protection and animal rights.  In the movie Bambi’s mother is killed by hunters.  Bambi is also shot by hunters.   Disney has allowed Bambi to be a part of several different public service announcements about taking care of our environment.  

Bambi’s diamond re-release on video was March 2011.  Once again we get to see the story of Bambi, his mother, his father (the Great of the forest), Thumper, Faline, and Flower.  The diamond release is available as 2-disc that includes a DVD and a Blu-Ray disc.

Bambi (1942) (Theatrical Version)

Boxed DVD Set:$14.99

Bambi (1942) (With Bonus Content)

Boxed DVD Set:$14.99

Charlotte's Web

Boxed DVD Set:

Bambi II (Theatrical Version)

Boxed DVD Set:$7.99

Bambi II (With Bonus Content)

Boxed DVD Set:$7.99

Bambi + Bambi 2

Boxed DVD Set:$24.49


Boxed DVD Set:$3.99

PlayMe Burlesque

Boxed DVD Set:$13.99

Alice In Wonderland

Boxed DVD Set:$17.99


Boxed DVD Set:$14.99

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