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MGA Entertainment Bratz Plugged In DVD Player that Also Plays CD and CD-R/RW with Coaxial Audio Output, S-Video Output and Remote Control

Boxed DVD Set:$59.99

BRATZ the only girl with a passion for fashion Plugged in DVD Player with full function remote control (plays DVD, CD, CD-R/RW)

Boxed DVD Set:$69.97

Bratz Life Interactive DVD Board Game

Boxed DVD Set:$4.66

Bratz Passion 4 Fashion DVD Game

Boxed DVD Set:

9V Danelo Power Supply Charger for MGA Bratz DVD Player S06

Boxed DVD Set:$12.99

9V MGA Bratz DVD Player Replacement Power Supply Adaptor - US Plug - Premium

Boxed DVD Set:$16.99

9V Bratz 303817UK DVD Player in-car Replacement Power Adaptor

Boxed DVD Set:$7.49

9V Bratz 303817UK DVD player replacement power supply adaptor - US plug

Boxed DVD Set:$11.49

9V MGA Bratz DVD Player in-car Replacement Power Adaptor

Boxed DVD Set:$7.49

Boxed DVD Sets

Bratz is a famous collection of dolls that has branched off into many different products and merchandise. Now there are Bratz DVD players. Bratz DVD players include images of the Bratz characters, along with having the functionality of a normal DVD player. Bratz portable DVD players are small and able to carry from place to place. These DVD players can run on batteries or are chargeable and have a certain amount of battery life so that you can watch your DVDs while away from home. Traditional Bratz themed DVD players are also available. These DVD players are intended for home use and hook-up directly to the television set. To simplify things there are Bratz themed DVD-television combos that includes the DVD and television set in one device. These are some of the options to look for when you are choosing to purchase a Bratz DVD player

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