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Boxed Set of Shrek Movies

It is hard to find someone who likes one Shrek movie that does not like all three Shrek movies.   Some who has not bought any of the shrek movies on dvd will be happy to know that there is a boxed set of all three Shrek movies.   Shrek , Shrek 2, and Shrek The Third can now be bought as one set. 

You can see the full story of Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey and how it began and how they all formed their own familes.

“The Office” not just for watching, but now for playing too

You ever wonder what it would feel like to work at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.  Well, now you virtually  can with the new “The Office” interactive game.

In The Office game, players interact with animated renditions of the characters from the hit series and maneuver through the Scranton Branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in a frantic race to help co-workers process orders. The frenzied fun of The Office gives players the chance to play hilarious pranks on unsuspecting rivals, based on events from the show. To further capture the tone of the series, the introductory story for the game was written by Anthony Farrell, a writer from the show, while photos and audio clips from the series have also been included.

The Office” game

No New Episodes of the Office

The recent strike by the Writer Guild of America has left a lot of shows hanging.  Due to the wrtiers’ strike,NBC’s “The Office” is one of those shows that have stopped filming new episodes.

Tonight’s installment of the Scranton-set NBC comedy, “The Deposition,” was the last episode filmed before the show shut down production due to the Writers’ Guild of America strike. Now in its second week, the primary sticking point of the strike is adequate compensation for content that runs on the internet, be it full-scale episodes or the “Office” “webisodes” that were on the show’s NBC Web site last summer.

Source: The Times Tribune

“The Starter Wife” Webisodes

If you could not get enough of Deborah Messing in “The Starter Wife”, you are in luck.  Webisodes of the miniseries can be seen online:  Starter Wife Webisodes.  

The miniseries follows, Molly after she has been left by her movie executive husband.   The series is based the novel, The Starter Wife by Gigi Levangie Grazer.

According to Reuters, the popularity of the miniseries has led USA network to order 10 more episodes of the “The Starter Wife.”

Before that comes out you can catch-up on the “The Starter Wife” online or from your own television with a 2-disc dvd set of The Starter Wife.

Jerry Seinfeld on the View

Jerry Seinfeld was on ABC’s “The View” promoting his new movie “The Bee Movie.”  Along with producing the film Jerry is also a writer, and he gives voice to main character, a bee.     

Seinfeld is probably best known for his series ,”Seinfeld”, that still brings laughs years after the show had its season finale.   As a special treat for the “The View” audience, each person was given a DVD of season 9 of “Seinfeld.”

 Barbara Walters mentioned that it had been about 11 years since she last interviewed Jerry Seinfeld, and this was his first appearance on “The View.”

“The Office” Convention in Scranton,Pennsylvania

There is a “The Office” convention is Scranton, Pennsylvania this weekend.  Some people may thinking, “What!”  Then there are those thinking, “Man, I missed this one.  I can’t wait  till next year.” 

There are some true die-hard “The Office” fans that cannot get enough of it.  It is  one of those shows that almost everyone can relate to.  In every office building there is one character of “The Office” and maybe that is what makes it have such a huge following to have its own convention.

 For those that don’t know “The Office” is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania and that is why that is a perfect place for the first “The Office” convention.

The Office Boxed DVD Sets

Boxed DVD Sets perfect Christmas Gift

Boxed DVD sets are great for Christmas presents because everyone has a favorite show that they could watch over and over again.    There are those gifts that people just get because they cannot think of anything else to get, but then their is the boxed DVD set.   With the boxed DVD set there are a wide array of choices and anyone can be satisfied by getting whatever they want.   About every show that was ever made is now on DVD.  Movies that were released before the time of DVD are now on DVD.

Grandparents, children, and parents can get whatever they want now on DVD.