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“The Office” Actors Have a Little League History

Two “The Office” actors have known each other since their days as little league players. 

By bizarre coincidence, The Office has reunited [B.J.] Novak[,who plays Ryan Howard,] with one of his Newton[,Massachusetts] homeboys. He was a Little League teammate of John Krasinski, who plays Jim on the sitcom. In fact the two went all the way through high school together.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

So Long E.R.

The end of an era is here. E.R. (Emergency Room) aired its final episode tonight. When NBC first premiered E.R. I did no watch it for several seasons but soon it peaked my interest after seeing it a few time in syndication. I started watching those reruns and then began to watch it on primetime for a few seasons. For a while that was the show that I just could go without seeing.

But over the years my love of E.R. started to fade. I don’t know if it was all the changes in characters that I have come to enjoy, but one season it seemed as though every character was new. There was not that main anchor character that tied everything together.

Every show has that point where it is time to say goodbye. Some leave long before we want them to like Seinfeld; and others long after we have lost interest like the Drew Carey show. E.R. is somewhere in between.


Last Season’s Finale of Lost Aired Tonight

I watched the finale last season, but I definitely wanted to catch-up with a rerun of the episode. There were little notes at the bottom of the screen to help catch-up on the story and understand the dialogue between the characters. There is so much to understand when it comes to Lost. The ticker at the bottom of the screen always reveals so much more than I remember or picked up from watching the show.

I have high expectations for the new season of Lost and I believe it will deliver. Every season brings more mystery and more drama. Some television programs fizzle as the years go by, but Lost is not among them.

Watching last season’s finale makes me wonder what the series finale will be like. The writers put a lot of research and effort into what they do so it is going to be great. But I wonder if it will leave viewers hoping for more and in a season finale that is fine, but that in a series finale makes me crazy.

Jennifer Aniston Wins the First Round of Battle of the Box Office Exes

Jennifer Aniston’s comedy, “Marley & Me”, co-starring Owen Wilson beat out Brad Pitt’s drama “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” on Christmas day.

The dog story “Marley & Me” was No. 1 at the Christmas Day box office in the United States, taking in about $14.6 million, BoxOfficeMojo.com reported Friday.

Coming in at No. 2 on the popular movie-going day was the aging fable “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with $11.7 million

Earlier this year Jennifer Aniston said that she wanted her movie to tie with Brad’s at the box office because she wanted them to both come out as winners. This is pretty generous for one ex to feel about another and I just have to say more power to her.

This was just the Christmas day results and we will have to see what happens with box office after this weekend. “Marley & Me” has gotten mixed reviews from the critics ranging from an A- from Entertainment Weekly and a D+ from Rolling Stone. It has also received a Heartland Truly Moving Picture Award.

Critics have been more favorable toward the “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, but we know that critics do not make box office hits-ticket sales do. So we will have see how it will go down with the box office battle of the exes.

Sources: UPI