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Voice Recognition on Samsung Smart Television Causing Consumer Concern

Breakthroughs in technology that allow consumers to speak instructions to their smart television are some of

Samsung Smart Television

Samsung Smart Television

the features that attracts many users.  That feature that seemed like a bonus is now causing a lot of concern for smart television owners.

Apparently there are two different ways that the smart television will collect the user’s voice command.  One is through a microphone embedded in the television set and another is through a microphone in the television remote.

Users have the option on whether to use voice control or not.  Predefined commands that the users speak are not stored or sent to a 3rd party provider.  The issue that is of concern are the special commands that user speak into the television remote.  Samsung uses a 3rd party provider to capture the voice command and then translate them into text so that it can be processed for searches.

Samsung’s first drew the ire of users when many noticed the following statement in the privacy policy for the smart televisions.

Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.

Users are concerned that their everyday conversation or personal and private conversation may be sent off to this third party  location and stored for any amount of time.   Also the potential for hackers to gain access to the data and use it for nefarious purposes is another major concern.

Samsung has updated their privacy policy and created a blog page dedicated to the voice recognition issues in hopes of increasing consumer confidence in their smart televisions.  In today’s social media age it will be interesting to see ho

More Classic Television Stations for Lovers of the Classics

Family 1950s TelevisionWith the increase the number of classic movie and television stations, audiences have more opportunities to see small and big screen favorites from the past.    There are now several different stations with classic programming.  One favorite has TCM (Turner Classic Movies).   TCM has been a provider of great classic movies all of the time.      It shows some well-known movies and some lesser known hidden gems.   Now there are more opportunities for connoisseurs of the classics to see some classic movies and classic television show 24/7.     Viewers with cable and those without will be delighted to see the great stations that have been airing.

TCM is one popular cable station and there are other like TV Land.  TV Land is a cable /satellite  station that airs classic television show,  TVLand airs shows from the 80s,90s, and even some original sitcoms.   It is not all classic shows all the time as it originally was when it first started.

Below are some other stations that air classic television shows and movies:


A new station called GetTV began airing last year with classic movies.   GetTV officially launched on February 2014 in several local markets.   During each week there is a movie icon and a movie that features that actor or actress.    Visitors to Get.tv can get a mini-bio of the movie icon with interesting trivia facts.      GetTV is owned by the Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Another television station is MeTV.   MeTV’s focus is more on classic television programming.    It does offer a few limited classic movies, but classic television programs are MeTv’s focus.   You can visit MeTVNetwork.org to find out if it offered n you area.

ThisTV is another station that classic television and movie lovers would enjoy.  This station has more of a blend of television and movies.      ThisTV airs television shows and movies that are more current than the previous networks.    You will see more 80s and 90s shows and movies on this station, thistv.com .

Movies!  is another station that airs classic programming.  As you can guess from the name, Movie! network airs many  movies.   Along with popular classics from the 50s and 60s you will also see some classic films from the 70s and 80s.    Movies! is a cable/satellite station.


Retro TV airs many classic television programming.    This station has limited availability, but you can visit their website to see if the station is available in your area.



Antenna TV has full line-up of classic show that you will remember ,and those that you may have for forgotten about.   Although most of the programming is television shows, there are some sprinkles of classic movies.


Cozi TV airs many classic movies, but along with movies they air classic show like The Bionic Woman, The Roy Roger’s Show, and McCloud.


What Not To Wear Ends After 10 Years

It is hard to believe that TLC (The Learning Channel) has been telling us what not to wear for 10 years.    But all good and bad things must come to an end.   And “What Not to Wear” has met its end.  The show has been canceled and we must now get our fashion advice from online fashion blogs or YouTube videos.

It was a good run and any show should be proud to last that long.  Although I did not always agree with some of the wardrobe choices, I have to say that they did give some great fashion advice

The show tried to help people present themselves in a way that was nice and that would fit their lifestyle and personality.    Each episode featured at least one individual that was nominated by a person in their life that felt they needed a wardrobe makeover.   The end result, after Clinton Kelly and Stacy London guided the nominee, was always better than the original.

If you are getting nostalgic you can always watch some of episodes on DVD, but some of the fashion advice of older episodes may not apply today.

New Boy Meets World Sequel in Full Swing

Fall television viewers may see “Girl Meets World”, the sequel to “Boy Meets World.” Two of the original stars of the original show, Danielle Fishel (Topanga) and Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) ,will reprise their roles on “Girl Meets World.” In this incarnation of the show the Topanga and Cory and have a daughter who will be the girl of “Girl Meets World.” Along with having a daughter they also have an older son. The original show ran for 7 season on ABC, but the new programs is set to air on Disney (Both ABC and Disney are owned by The Walt Disney Company). At the end of the final season Cory and Topanga were moving to New York City, but they may have moved back to Philadelphia. We will have to see the details of the new life when the show, hopefully, airs this fall. Although original members of the cast may not be regular characters, let’s hope that some of them do make some cameo appearances.

Boy Meets World” is not the first canceled show to come back years later with a sequel. “90210” was able to have a successful comeback with 5 seasons during its second run. The updated “90210” premiered in 2008, but its final show will air this May. “Dallas” which was another primetime hit has been reprised after 20 years and is now in its second season.

United Bates of America Brings Another Glimpse of Large Families

Reality television gives audience members a look into the lives of a wide variety of people.  For several years the viewers have been able to see the lives of the Duggars as their family has grown and the name of their television show has changed from “17 Kids and Counting” to “19 Kids and Counting.”   Now audience member will get to watch the lives of another larger family on “United Bates of America.”   If you watch “19 Kids and Counting”,   you will probably remember the Bates from some previously aired episodes.  The Bates is a family that is similar to the Duggars in many ways one of which is that they both have 19 children that were birthed by one woman.         From those episodes and the first season of “United Bates of America”, you will notice that the Bates have other similarities to the Duggars like:  they are both conservative Christian families, they both homeschool their children, and they both believe in having as many children as they feel God wants them to have.

Viewers can now watch the Bates on TLC on Monday nights at 9 p.m.  EST

A Remake of Will Smith’s Summertime

Will Smith is creating a remake of his 90s classic rap song “Summertime”. Although the younger generation may not be as familiar withheld Smith as a musician that is hoe he first became famous.   After having a successful rap career, Smith went to small screen to star in sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.   That was springboard he needed to begin starring in big budget movies.  From then he has be a part of blockbuster movies.

During his time in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Smith made the song “Summertime”. Now he has ventured back into the studies to remake a song from over 20 years ago.

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Dancing with the Stars time over for Jaleel White

Last Tuesday saw Jaleel White eliminated from the current season of Dancing with Stars.     White lost his dance off with Disney Channel star Roshon Fegan when both contestants were in the bottom two.   The final decision came down to the judges and White was voted off the show.   White is best known for time on  the television sitcom  Family Matters, said that he was surprised that he made it 7 weeks on the show.

No word on what career plans has on the future, but like previous dancing contestant, maybe his time on Dancing with the Starts will help to revive his career.

Source: Reuters

Former Family Matters Star on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars has announced their new lineup of dancers and one of the stars was a familiar face from the 90s sitcom Family Matters.  Jaleel White, who portrayed Steve Erkel on Family Matters from 1989 to 1998 will dancing back into the spotlight.  During its original run on television, Family Matters was very popular and it continues to air as reruns on several different local and cable stations.  White’s time on Family Matters earned him a lot of fans.  Let’s see if that equates to votes when it comes to Dancing with the Stars.   Other celebrity contestants on this season of Dancing with the stars are:

  • Donald Driver, wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers.
  • Gladys Knight.  Gladys Knight is a R&B legend that has had a successful solo and group career with Gladys Knight and the Pips.
  • Jack Wagner.   Jack Wagner has had his be on daytime and nighttime soaps.   He has been appearing for decades on soaps including General Hospital, Melrose Place, and The Bold and the Beautiful.
  • Melissa Gilbert.  Melissa Gilbert as her portrayal of Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.
  • Sherri Shephard . Sherri Shephard is now one of The View co-hosts and host of the Newlywed Game.  Her acting credits include Sherri, Everybody Loves Raymond, Less Than Perfect, and 30 Rock.
  • Martina Navratilova.  Navratilova  is a retired female tennis champ
  • Maria Menounos.  Menuounos currently co-hosts Extra with Mario Lopez (“Slater” from Saved by the Bell), who is also Dancing with the stars alum.  She has also showed her acting skills on One Tree Hill, and Without a Trace.
  • Katherine Jenkins.   Katherine is a Welsh singer known for her classical and operatic music.
  • Roshon Fegan.   Fegan is the youngest cast member.  He currently appears on Disney’s Shake it Up!.
  • Gavin DeGraw.  Gavin DeGraw is a singer-songwriter.  One of his most popular songs ”I Don’t Want to Be” was the theme song on the television series One Tree Hill
  • William Levy.  Levy is best known for his acting on Spanish language television.   He has appeared on several different telenovelas.

TLC Cancels Kate Plus Eight

Kate Gosselin and her 8 adorable children first were introduced to world in a reality TV special with her now ex-husband Jon Gosselin. They were later on TLC as part of the regular television series Jon and Kate Plus Eight. After the couple split and were later divorced Kate and her 8 children continued with TLC with the show reworked under the new name Kate Plus Eight. A few weeks ago TLC announced that they would be cancelling the show, but may bring the family back later for special updates. This is a blow to fans that have enjoyed watching the children grow. Of course there have been some detractors that have thrown some critical comments toward the Kate and Jon Gosselin. No matter what the sentiments are for the parents, most wish the children grow healthy in every way.

40 Years of the Partridge Family

The Partridge Family is celebrating 40 years.  On September 25, 1970 the first episode of The Partridge Family aired.   The showed aired for 4 seasons and had an audience of teens and preteens girls in their trance.  Today reruns of the show can be seen in syndication.    Along with being a hit television show The Partridge family had several hit albums and songs.  Hit singles like  “I Think I Love.”