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Shrek Forever After Still Number One at the Box Office After 3 Weeks

 Shrek Forever After is one of those sequels that still has audiences interested.   The title has everyone speculating that this will be the last Shrek movie made, but when there are still people coming out to watch the film there is still a chance for more Shrek movies to be made.  

 Shrek Forever After debuted at number one its first week and has kept that spot for the last three weeks.  According to, Box Office Mojo, Shrek Forever After, had a budget of $165 million.  During its first 3 weeks it grossed $188,602,643 in domestic sales; internationally it grossed $255,752,942 worldwide. 

If you want to catch up on other Shrek movies you can take a look at the Shrek DVDs available.  You can purchase all the previous Shrek movies (Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third) separately or as set containing all three of the movies together.  All films are available for DVD and Blu-Ray.

“Shrek” star Eddie Murphy Gets Married

Eddie Murphy kicked off the New Year by getting married to fiancée Tracey Edmonds on an island near Bora Bora.   Murphy was a very popular actor of the 80’s and regained popularity with the “Shrek” series of movies.   He was also nominated in 2007 for a best supporting actor Oscar for the movie “Dream Girls.”

Shrek 4 in the Works

I know that Shrek 3 just left the theaters, but Shrek 4 is expected to released in May 2010.   That is over 2 years from now.   For those that gasp and think that is enough Shrek, the box office sales prove that people have not had enough Shrek.   This one those animated movies that keep on going and going.     We have already seen Shrek get married to Fionna, Shrek has met the in-laws, Shrek and Fionna have had kids.   It will be interesting what Shrek 4 has in store for audiences. 

Shrek DVD Set

“Shrek the Halls” gave ABC great ratings

Shrek helped ABC celebrate the holiday season early with the premiere of Shrek the Halls on ABC on November 28th.   

The 30 minute film was about  Shrek spending Christmas with his family and of course it would not be to the true Shrek theme if Donkey and Pus in Boots did not  joining the fun.

Hopefully ABC will air the special again for those that missed  Shrek the Halls the first time around.

Shrek Boxed DVD Set

Boxed Set of Shrek Movies

It is hard to find someone who likes one Shrek movie that does not like all three Shrek movies.   Some who has not bought any of the shrek movies on dvd will be happy to know that there is a boxed set of all three Shrek movies.   Shrek , Shrek 2, and Shrek The Third can now be bought as one set. 

You can see the full story of Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey and how it began and how they all formed their own familes.