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Seinfeld Tops Vanity Fair Top Sitcom Survey

Comedy MaskIf you know anything about modern television programs then you know that “Seinfeld” is one of the top sitcoms ever made.  The program aired from 9 seasons on NBC from 1989 to 1988.  The show ended on top; although the ratings still very good it was decided that the show would stop production.    Viewers can still get their “Seinfeld” fix because the show is aired several times a day in reruns on cable and local television.  Its popularity is still high, and it is proven by a Vanity Fair survey.

CBS and Vanity Fair conducted a survey about comedy that asked several  questions.   One of the question asked was “Which of these sitcoms do you think is the greatest?”  Those that participated in the survey could select from the following sitcoms: “Seinfeld,” “The Honeymooners,”   “Friends” “Cheers,”  “Arrested Development,”   “Mary Tyler Moore,” and “30 Rock.”     Of course you are probably curious about why your favorite sitcom was not included in the choices.   I am not sure of the reasoning as to why one comedy was included as one of the choices while another was left out.  One part of the survey that is known is that it was done via phone with 1,132 random adult participating.  With some factors changed, such as the choices included, the results may have been different, but then again Seinfeld may still have made it to the top.   Some other great comedies that come to mind are: “The Cosby Show,”  “The Andy Griffith Show,”  “I Love Lucy,”  and “The Big Band Theory.”   The list can be very subjective.  But no matter what, I cannot argue that “Seinfeld”   definitely belongs on that list.


Lost Finale gets 13.6 Million Viewers

The Lost Finale had 16.6 million viewers.  That was a great number, but not more than some other great finales. 

Seinfeld, that comedy about nothing, had 76 million viewers.  Friends said goodbye with 52 million viewers.  Everybody Loves Raymond  had 33 million viewers.  The one that tops the list, and probably will forever was M*A*S*H with 133 million viewers.

One thing that you have to consider is the amount of things that are now fighting for people’s attention.  As time have gone by, there have been more television networks and more television shows that have divided people’s interests.  There are also more DVRs to record show and on demand programs that allow people to watch television shows whenever they want.  Television ratings are not what they use to be.  Although 16.6 million viewers is not the greatest record, it is pretty good for considering the amount of entertainment sources we have today.  


Jerry Seinfeld on the View

Jerry Seinfeld was on ABC’s “The View” promoting his new movie “The Bee Movie.”  Along with producing the film Jerry is also a writer, and he gives voice to main character, a bee.     

Seinfeld is probably best known for his series ,”Seinfeld”, that still brings laughs years after the show had its season finale.   As a special treat for the “The View” audience, each person was given a DVD of season 9 of “Seinfeld.”

 Barbara Walters mentioned that it had been about 11 years since she last interviewed Jerry Seinfeld, and this was his first appearance on “The View.”