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Steve Carell and Chili’s Add Comedy to the Lebron James and Cavaliers Drama

If you have not been living under a rock you know that Lebron James made it known that he was leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, the NBA team he had played for since coming out of high school, for the Miami Heat during a live television broadcast on ESPN.  To say that the owners and fans were not angry would be like saying Lost was the worst television show ever(I’m a huge Lost fan and I know that it is was one of the best shows ever and it needs to have a movie-but I digress. )  After the announcement Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert wrote angry open letter to Cleveland fans that blasted Lebron and the way he made his decision.

In a spoof during the ESPY Awards Steve Carell parodied the Lebron James’s announcement by declaring he was taking his appetite to Outback Steakhouse.  He was asked to explain what he would say to the management and staff of Chili’s.   Chili’s then issued a satirical letter to Steve Carell that mimicked the letter Dan Gilbert wrote to James.   It really softened a very emotionally tense situation.  Carell was great and showed why so many fans love watching him on The Office.

Lost Finale gets 13.6 Million Viewers

The Lost Finale had 16.6 million viewers.  That was a great number, but not more than some other great finales. 

Seinfeld, that comedy about nothing, had 76 million viewers.  Friends said goodbye with 52 million viewers.  Everybody Loves Raymond  had 33 million viewers.  The one that tops the list, and probably will forever was M*A*S*H with 133 million viewers.

One thing that you have to consider is the amount of things that are now fighting for people’s attention.  As time have gone by, there have been more television networks and more television shows that have divided people’s interests.  There are also more DVRs to record show and on demand programs that allow people to watch television shows whenever they want.  Television ratings are not what they use to be.  Although 16.6 million viewers is not the greatest record, it is pretty good for considering the amount of entertainment sources we have today.  


Last Season of “Lost” Continues Tomorrow Night

Lost took a week hiatus and left fans at the edge of their seats waiting for a new episode and answers to questions they have had since the first season of “Lost.”  Last week was a rerun of the episode that dealt with the history of Richard Alpert.   Richard Alpert has been one of the big questions of the island.  How could one man never age and be the same all through time?  It was a surprise to see that he had less knowledge about the island and Jacob than some of the “candidates.”   

This week’s preview of “Lost” seems to feature more than one “Lost” character, unlike the previous episodes.   The finale is just a few weeks away so we can see a lot more revelations.  Right  now we do not know who really is evil and who really is good.  What will Charles Whitmore do when he finally get a hold of Benjamin Linus.   Whitmore has finally reached the island after being kicked off by Linus years ago.  Now that Whitmore has so much power in his hands, what will happen to Linus?  Also,how will the memories of the Losties in the Flash sideways on the mainland play into the Losties on the island?   Those are just a few questions that will hopefully get answered.      

Personally, I hope that John Locke can be alive in the season finale and not possessed by the smoke monster.  He is one of my favorite characters and it was a huge letdown when he was murdered by Linus and then when we realized the island had not allowed him to come back to life.

With the finale coming May 23, 2010, the anticipation of what is to come is almost unbearable.

Preview of Lost: “The Candidate”

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Lost is Coming Back!

To say that I am excited that the next season of “Lost” is coming back is definitely an understatement.   This show has got me hooked.  Not only is the acting great, but the writing is so imaginative and detailed that you cannot help but watch. 

With the final season ,we will see some old characters come back.  Does  that mean that the plan work and Juliet setting off the hydrogen bomb, Jughead, has made after thing right and that flight never crashes on the island?  Not necessarily.  With the way that “Lost” travel through time we will not know when and where in time these characters will appear.

We all have our little hopes and dream of what would happen.  I am wishing for a happy ending, but “Lost”, though built in imagination, doesn’t deal in happy endings.     I cannot wait until Tuesday night.

Lost is A+ Television

Some things come along with the ultimate wow factor.  Lost is one of those things.  Not only is the acting great, the writing is beyond excellent.  Writers of shows today need to take note so that they figure out what great television writing actually entails.

So many shows and dramas from daytime and prime time television want to use shock value to get people interested   Once the shock wears off, the show is seen for what it actually is: empty and without substance.  Lost, on the other hand, has great content and doesn’t aim to shock ,but to captivate the audience with true suspense and mystery.

Lost is one of those shows that people will love 100 years from now.  Great writing never loses it value. 

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Last Season’s Finale of Lost Aired Tonight

I watched the finale last season, but I definitely wanted to catch-up with a rerun of the episode. There were little notes at the bottom of the screen to help catch-up on the story and understand the dialogue between the characters. There is so much to understand when it comes to Lost. The ticker at the bottom of the screen always reveals so much more than I remember or picked up from watching the show.

I have high expectations for the new season of Lost and I believe it will deliver. Every season brings more mystery and more drama. Some television programs fizzle as the years go by, but Lost is not among them.

Watching last season’s finale makes me wonder what the series finale will be like. The writers put a lot of research and effort into what they do so it is going to be great. But I wonder if it will leave viewers hoping for more and in a season finale that is fine, but that in a series finale makes me crazy.

New Season of Lost Premieres January 21st 2009

The newest season of Lost will premiere January 21, 2009 on ABC.   Since the the 2008 season finale Lost fans have been sitting at the edge of their seats wondering what is going to happen on the newest season.   The questions are racking Lost fans and hopefully we will get so answers with the new season. 

But we know that the new season of Lost will most likely cause us to have more questions than answers.  

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Matthew Fox and “Lost“ Win Several Saturn Awards

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films presented 4 Saturn awards to the ABC smash hit “Lost.” Lost won in the categories of Best Actor on Television: Matthew Fox (Lost), Best Supporting Actor on Television: Michael Emerson (Lost), Best Supporting Actress on Television: (TIE): Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), and Best Network Television Series: Lost.

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