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High School Musical

Corbin Bleu, of “High School Musical” Fame Goes to Broadway

Corbin Bleu starred in three successful “High School Musical” movies.  The first two premiered on the Disney Channel and garnered a very large fan base.  “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” made it all the way the big screen- to the delight of all the forever “High School Musical” fans. 

Now Corbin Bleu continues to show his musical and acting skills in the Broadway production of “In the Heights.”

Source: BroadwayWorld.com

Watch as Many Compete In “High School Musical: Get in the Picture”

High School Musical has become a huge phenomenon that has grown beyond its original television movie on the Disney channel. ABC will be airing ‘High School Musical: Get in the Picture’ on July 20 that will include a prize of letting the winner be a part of a music video appearing during the closing credits of the “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” movie scheduled to be in theaters this fall.

High School Musical DVDs

“High School Musical” fans watch “High School Musical” live and on ice

Cannot get enough High School Musical? Try it on Ice.  Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour!  is traveling throughout the country giving the skating version of High School Musical that teens and tweens cannot seem to get enough of.    Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour! Will have many of the dance moves and songs from both the original “High School Musical” and” High School Musical 2.”

Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour!

High School Musical DVDs

High School Musical 3 Going to the Movies

High School Musical 3 is set debut in a bigger fashion that its earlier counterparts.  This time we will see the High School Musical stars on  the big screen.   That is bound to be a huge box office week for Disney.  

High School Musical 3 should debut in about in every theater within driving distance of any teen or tween in 2008.  

 High School Musical on DVD

High School Musical 2 now on DVD

It is the day that many teens and tweens having been waiting for.  High School Musical 2 is now on DVD.  The High School Musical fan basehas been strong from the beginning with the original High School Musical.   There was such a fan base that  High School Musical 2 premiered on the Disney Channel a year after the original High School Musical .  A High School Musical 3 is now in the works.  When will it all end?  Who know?  With the craze for High School Musical and the soga of these teen couples we may even a High School Musical 5.