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Child Stars Living Beyond the Stereotypes

When the words “child star” is mentioned the ideas of a lost and wasted life may enter some minds, but it  is not always the case.   The saying that the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the oil is very fitting in the this situation;  many times it is the child star that has walked the most troubled path that gets the noticed.  Of course that kind of new is more interesting to most people than the tales of stars that are living normal lives in a healthy way.    Despite the troubled stars garnering so much attention, there are still many find success in entertainment without have their names a part of a scandal.

After starring in the sitcom “Doogie Howser M.D.” , we did not see much of Neil Patrick Harris.  On the program Harris portrayed the prodigy, Doogie Howser for 4 seasons.     After the show ended in 1993, Harris continued to act on screen and on stage.    It was not until the success of “How I Met Your Mother”  that Harris regained more of his popularity.

Another child star from the 80s and 90s is Keisha Knight Pulliam.  Her  break-out role was that of Rudy Huxtable on the sitcom “The Cosby Show.”’  The show was widely popular and ran for 8 season from 1984 to 1992.  After the end of the show Pulliam focused on her education and then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.   She then resurfaced in a few different roles.  She currently can be seen on the Tyler Perry sitcom “House of Payne.”

Another success former child is Mayim Bialik who had the title role in the sitcom “Blossom.”  After “Blossom”  ,Bialik showed that Hollywood stars have a brain, by getting her Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA.   Currently she is part of the cast of “The Big Band Theory”   where she portray plays a neurologist.

These are just some of the stars that we have seen that have made it back in front of the camera.  Some never went away, nut their newest roles have thrust them back in the limelight.  In addition to those few mentioned here, there are many that have successful live, whether it is in the performing arts or another field.


On Its Second Run Disney Lion King Rules the Box Office

Disney re-released the Lion in 3d this past weekend at it ruled the boxed office this go round. It took the number one spot with for the box office sales this weekend. In its first week it grossed $29.3 million. That is not too bad for a film that was first released in 1994. During its first run the Lion King grossed a total $783 million worldwide. Once it leaves theaters the film will The Lion King will be available on 3D Blu-ray.


Lost is Coming Back!

To say that I am excited that the next season of “Lost” is coming back is definitely an understatement.   This show has got me hooked.  Not only is the acting great, but the writing is so imaginative and detailed that you cannot help but watch. 

With the final season ,we will see some old characters come back.  Does  that mean that the plan work and Juliet setting off the hydrogen bomb, Jughead, has made after thing right and that flight never crashes on the island?  Not necessarily.  With the way that “Lost” travel through time we will not know when and where in time these characters will appear.

We all have our little hopes and dream of what would happen.  I am wishing for a happy ending, but “Lost”, though built in imagination, doesn’t deal in happy endings.     I cannot wait until Tuesday night.

Tyler Perry Collection of Plays on DVD

A new collection of Tyler Perry plays are coming out on DVD this Tuesday.  This collection contains many of Tyler Perry’s most popular and hilarious plays.

This collection of plays on DVD include:

  • Madea’s Family Reunion
  • Madea Goes to Jail
  • I Can Do Bad All By Myself
  • Why Did I Get Married?
  • Meet The Browns
  • Diary of a Mad Black Woman
  • Madea’s Class Reunion

Tyler Perry Boxed DVD Set

Boxed Set of Shrek Movies

It is hard to find someone who likes one Shrek movie that does not like all three Shrek movies.   Some who has not bought any of the shrek movies on dvd will be happy to know that there is a boxed set of all three Shrek movies.   Shrek , Shrek 2, and Shrek The Third can now be bought as one set. 

You can see the full story of Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey and how it began and how they all formed their own familes.

Jerry Seinfeld on the View

Jerry Seinfeld was on ABC’s “The View” promoting his new movie “The Bee Movie.”  Along with producing the film Jerry is also a writer, and he gives voice to main character, a bee.     

Seinfeld is probably best known for his series ,”Seinfeld”, that still brings laughs years after the show had its season finale.   As a special treat for the “The View” audience, each person was given a DVD of season 9 of “Seinfeld.”

 Barbara Walters mentioned that it had been about 11 years since she last interviewed Jerry Seinfeld, and this was his first appearance on “The View.”

“The Office” Convention in Scranton,Pennsylvania

There is a “The Office” convention is Scranton, Pennsylvania this weekend.  Some people may thinking, “What!”  Then there are those thinking, “Man, I missed this one.  I can’t wait  till next year.” 

There are some true die-hard “The Office” fans that cannot get enough of it.  It is  one of those shows that almost everyone can relate to.  In every office building there is one character of “The Office” and maybe that is what makes it have such a huge following to have its own convention.

 For those that don’t know “The Office” is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania and that is why that is a perfect place for the first “The Office” convention.

The Office Boxed DVD Sets

Boxed DVD Sets perfect Christmas Gift

Boxed DVD sets are great for Christmas presents because everyone has a favorite show that they could watch over and over again.    There are those gifts that people just get because they cannot think of anything else to get, but then their is the boxed DVD set.   With the boxed DVD set there are a wide array of choices and anyone can be satisfied by getting whatever they want.   About every show that was ever made is now on DVD.  Movies that were released before the time of DVD are now on DVD.

Grandparents, children, and parents can get whatever they want now on DVD.