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More Classic Television Stations for Lovers of the Classics

Family 1950s TelevisionWith the increase the number of classic movie and television stations, audiences have more opportunities to see small and big screen favorites from the past.    There are now several different stations with classic programming.  One favorite has TCM (Turner Classic Movies).   TCM has been a provider of great classic movies all of the time.      It shows some well-known movies and some lesser known hidden gems.   Now there are more opportunities for connoisseurs of the classics to see some classic movies and classic television show 24/7.     Viewers with cable and those without will be delighted to see the great stations that have been airing.

TCM is one popular cable station and there are other like TV Land.  TV Land is a cable /satellite  station that airs classic television show,  TVLand airs shows from the 80s,90s, and even some original sitcoms.   It is not all classic shows all the time as it originally was when it first started.

Below are some other stations that air classic television shows and movies:


A new station called GetTV began airing last year with classic movies.   GetTV officially launched on February 2014 in several local markets.   During each week there is a movie icon and a movie that features that actor or actress.    Visitors to Get.tv can get a mini-bio of the movie icon with interesting trivia facts.      GetTV is owned by the Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Another television station is MeTV.   MeTV’s focus is more on classic television programming.    It does offer a few limited classic movies, but classic television programs are MeTv’s focus.   You can visit MeTVNetwork.org to find out if it offered n you area.

ThisTV is another station that classic television and movie lovers would enjoy.  This station has more of a blend of television and movies.      ThisTV airs television shows and movies that are more current than the previous networks.    You will see more 80s and 90s shows and movies on this station, thistv.com .

Movies!  is another station that airs classic programming.  As you can guess from the name, Movie! network airs many  movies.   Along with popular classics from the 50s and 60s you will also see some classic films from the 70s and 80s.    Movies! is a cable/satellite station.


Retro TV airs many classic television programming.    This station has limited availability, but you can visit their website to see if the station is available in your area.



Antenna TV has full line-up of classic show that you will remember ,and those that you may have for forgotten about.   Although most of the programming is television shows, there are some sprinkles of classic movies.


Cozi TV airs many classic movies, but along with movies they air classic show like The Bionic Woman, The Roy Roger’s Show, and McCloud.


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