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What Not To Wear Ends After 10 Years

It is hard to believe that TLC (The Learning Channel) has been telling us what not to wear for 10 years.    But all good and bad things must come to an end.   And “What Not to Wear” has met its end.  The show has been canceled and we must now get our fashion advice from online fashion blogs or YouTube videos.

It was a good run and any show should be proud to last that long.  Although I did not always agree with some of the wardrobe choices, I have to say that they did give some great fashion advice

The show tried to help people present themselves in a way that was nice and that would fit their lifestyle and personality.    Each episode featured at least one individual that was nominated by a person in their life that felt they needed a wardrobe makeover.   The end result, after Clinton Kelly and Stacy London guided the nominee, was always better than the original.

If you are getting nostalgic you can always watch some of episodes on DVD, but some of the fashion advice of older episodes may not apply today.

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