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New Boy Meets World Sequel in Full Swing

Fall television viewers may see “Girl Meets World”, the sequel to “Boy Meets World.” Two of the original stars of the original show, Danielle Fishel (Topanga) and Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) ,will reprise their roles on “Girl Meets World.” In this incarnation of the show the Topanga and Cory and have a daughter who will be the girl of “Girl Meets World.” Along with having a daughter they also have an older son. The original show ran for 7 season on ABC, but the new programs is set to air on Disney (Both ABC and Disney are owned by The Walt Disney Company). At the end of the final season Cory and Topanga were moving to New York City, but they may have moved back to Philadelphia. We will have to see the details of the new life when the show, hopefully, airs this fall. Although original members of the cast may not be regular characters, let’s hope that some of them do make some cameo appearances.

Boy Meets World” is not the first canceled show to come back years later with a sequel. “90210” was able to have a successful comeback with 5 seasons during its second run. The updated “90210” premiered in 2008, but its final show will air this May. “Dallas” which was another primetime hit has been reprised after 20 years and is now in its second season.

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