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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Universal Studios Releasing 100th Anniversary Commemorative Collection

This is probably going to be on many movie aficionados’ Christmas gift list.   Universal Studios Collection Universal is releasing a collection that includes several movies that it made over the last 100 years.  Also there are some  will be bonus clips, and music from of the top movies that audience members will remember from the blockbuster movies where they played.   You will also get some bonus shorts, and classic cartoons made before the days of computer generated animation.  There is even a book that will draw the interest of those that want to read about some of the actors, and movies that have be a part of Universal Studios’ history.  Some of the films featured in the collection includes: “Jaws”, “Sportacus”, “The Birds”, “Back to the Future”, “Do the Right Thing”, “Field of  Dreams”, “Schindler’s List” , “Despicable Me”,  and many more.

The Universal 100th Anniversary Collection Limited Edition will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on November 6,2012.

United Bates of America Brings Another Glimpse of Large Families

Reality television gives audience members a look into the lives of a wide variety of people.  For several years the viewers have been able to see the lives of the Duggars as their family has grown and the name of their television show has changed from “17 Kids and Counting” to “19 Kids and Counting.”   Now audience member will get to watch the lives of another larger family on “United Bates of America.”   If you watch “19 Kids and Counting”,   you will probably remember the Bates from some previously aired episodes.  The Bates is a family that is similar to the Duggars in many ways one of which is that they both have 19 children that were birthed by one woman.         From those episodes and the first season of “United Bates of America”, you will notice that the Bates have other similarities to the Duggars like:  they are both conservative Christian families, they both homeschool their children, and they both believe in having as many children as they feel God wants them to have.

Viewers can now watch the Bates on TLC on Monday nights at 9 p.m.  EST