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Monthly Archives: April 2009

So Long E.R.

The end of an era is here. E.R. (Emergency Room) aired its final episode tonight. When NBC first premiered E.R. I did no watch it for several seasons but soon it peaked my interest after seeing it a few time in syndication. I started watching those reruns and then began to watch it on primetime for a few seasons. For a while that was the show that I just could go without seeing.

But over the years my love of E.R. started to fade. I don’t know if it was all the changes in characters that I have come to enjoy, but one season it seemed as though every character was new. There was not that main anchor character that tied everything together.

Every show has that point where it is time to say goodbye. Some leave long before we want them to like Seinfeld; and others long after we have lost interest like the Drew Carey show. E.R. is somewhere in between.