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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Last Season’s Finale of Lost Aired Tonight

I watched the finale last season, but I definitely wanted to catch-up with a rerun of the episode. There were little notes at the bottom of the screen to help catch-up on the story and understand the dialogue between the characters. There is so much to understand when it comes to Lost. The ticker at the bottom of the screen always reveals so much more than I remember or picked up from watching the show.

I have high expectations for the new season of Lost and I believe it will deliver. Every season brings more mystery and more drama. Some television programs fizzle as the years go by, but Lost is not among them.

Watching last season’s finale makes me wonder what the series finale will be like. The writers put a lot of research and effort into what they do so it is going to be great. But I wonder if it will leave viewers hoping for more and in a season finale that is fine, but that in a series finale makes me crazy.