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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Tinker Bell Movie in Heavy Rotation

The Tinker Bell movie is one movie that is heavy rotation among the kids.  Tinker Bell was a character that we were first introduced to in the Peter Pan series and have come to enjoy.  We will not be seeing Peter Pan or the Lost Boys in this new Tinker Bell movie, but we will be getting a little glimpse of Wendy. Tinker Bell comes to realize her true value and that leads her to deliver a special item to Wendy on the mainland. 

In this movie the relationships of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends are introduced to us.  We also get to see the beginning of Tinker Bell and how fairies are actually created.

Kung Fu Panda, another Fun Children’s DVD

Kung Fu Panda was a ball of laughs in the theater and will be a hilarious on DVD as well.  That funny Panda with his hijinks will give children and adults something to laugh about.  This is one of those again-again movies that are kid friendly , but have material that will also grab an adult’s attention.  That is great because if you do have to watch a movie over and over again with your kid it might as well be an entertaining movie for you as well.

Madagascar 2 Now in Theaters

Madagascar 2 is now in theaters and gave the movie industry a much needed boost during it opening weekend, when it was number one in theaters.

DreamWorks’ latest animation fest, “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa,” surpassed all expectations for its opening weekend, bringing in $63.5 million and helping the industry deliver a resounding 29% increase in overall box-office take compared with a year earlier.

Source: latimes.com

Scrubs is Coming Back on New Network

Scrubs was supposed to have aired its last season on NBC, but the sitcom has been breathed new life.  In 2009 Scrubs will air a new season on ABC.   Scrubs is not the first show that we thought was going off the air and would only be seen in syndication.   7th Heaven had a great season finale and then was picked up for another year.  We will have to see what actually happens to the show when it comes back and if it willl be there to stay on ABC.  

New Season of Lost Premieres January 21st 2009

The newest season of Lost will premiere January 21, 2009 on ABC.   Since the the 2008 season finale Lost fans have been sitting at the edge of their seats wondering what is going to happen on the newest season.   The questions are racking Lost fans and hopefully we will get so answers with the new season. 

But we know that the new season of Lost will most likely cause us to have more questions than answers.  

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