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Monthly Archives: October 2007

“The Office” Convention in Scranton,Pennsylvania

There is a “The Office” convention is Scranton, Pennsylvania this weekend.  Some people may thinking, “What!”  Then there are those thinking, “Man, I missed this one.  I can’t wait  till next year.” 

There are some true die-hard “The Office” fans that cannot get enough of it.  It is  one of those shows that almost everyone can relate to.  In every office building there is one character of “The Office” and maybe that is what makes it have such a huge following to have its own convention.

 For those that don’t know “The Office” is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania and that is why that is a perfect place for the first “The Office” convention.

The Office Boxed DVD Sets

Boxed DVD Sets perfect Christmas Gift

Boxed DVD sets are great for Christmas presents because everyone has a favorite show that they could watch over and over again.    There are those gifts that people just get because they cannot think of anything else to get, but then their is the boxed DVD set.   With the boxed DVD set there are a wide array of choices and anyone can be satisfied by getting whatever they want.   About every show that was ever made is now on DVD.  Movies that were released before the time of DVD are now on DVD.

Grandparents, children, and parents can get whatever they want now on DVD.