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Boxed Set DVD Series

  • Voice Recognition on Samsung Smart Television Causing Consumer Concern
    Breakthroughs in technology that allow consumers to speak instructions to their smart television are some of the features that attracts many users.  That feature that seemed like a bonus is now causing a lot of concern for smart television owners. Apparently there are two different ways that the smart television will collect the user’s voice […]
  • More Classic Television Stations for Lovers of the Classics
    With the increase the number of classic movie and television stations, audiences have more opportunities to see small and big screen favorites from the past.    There are now several different stations with classic programming.  One favorite has TCM (Turner Classic Movies).   TCM has been a provider of great classic movies all of the time.      It […]
  • What Not To Wear Ends After 10 Years
    It is hard to believe that TLC (The Learning Channel) has been telling us what not to wear for 10 years.    But all good and bad things must come to an end.   And “What Not to Wear” has met its end.  The show has been canceled and we must now get our fashion advice from […]

Boxed set DVDs give you the ability to watch your shows over and over again. You can choose the episode and season you want and watch anytime you like. Boxed sets give people a freedom that they have wanted for years. As long as there has been television, there have been viewers that had a favorite television show or series of movies. People have always wanted the opportunity to watch their favorite show when they wanted and how they wanted.

Some of these shows are from the golden age of television when everything was so fresh and so new. Others are modern shows that we have just started to love. These shows on DVD are great for their entertainment value, as well as the feeling of nostalgia. Sometimes it is as if you are stepping back in time and some emotions from that era come flooding back to you.  


The Illusionist

Boxed DVD Set:


Boxed DVD Set:$14.99

Robot and Frank

Boxed DVD Set:

Logan Lucky

Boxed DVD Set:$9.99

Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection [Blu-ray]

Boxed DVD Set:$34.98


Boxed DVD Set:$2.99


Boxed DVD Set:$2.99


Boxed DVD Set:$13.99


Boxed DVD Set:


Boxed DVD Set:$4.99

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